Many fractures require surgery to line up the broken bones and hold them in place while they heal. Plates, screws, rods and pins can all be used, depending on what type of fracture it is. What happens to that hardware? Do you need to have it removed? Or can you play sports with a plate and screws in your arm or leg? I discuss those questions in my latest Ask Dr. Geier video.

Liyah asks:
Can I go back to playing softball with a plate and screws in my leg?

After most surgeries to fix a fracture, the surgeon places a plate and screws, pins, a metal rod or some other implant in to stabilize the bones while they heal in the correct position. We normally leave that hardware in place without removing it.

Is it possible to play sports with a plate and screws in your body?

Can you play sports with a plate and screws in place?

Most of the time that hardware, even a plate and screws, does not cause people to have pain. There is also little risk of causing more damage by leaving them in. In this video, I discuss when you might consider having a surgeon remove this hardware from your body and when to leave it alone.

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