Spring sports start this month in the United States. Whether you have an experienced athlete for your high school or club team, or you haven’t even tried out, staying healthy over the next few months is important. In this video, I share some ideas to avoid injury and perform your best.

Get a physical.

Most schools perform physicals for all the athletes at that school at one time during the year, regardless of whether the athlete plays a sport in the fall or spring. If you haven’t gotten a physical exam, go see your doctor. Your doctor can assess any medical or orthopedic issues that could put you at risk for injuries.

Get in shape over Christmas break or earlier.

It is essential you show up to practice in shape. Hopefully you have been running or lifting weights for months. Coming into spring sports in shape can not only help you avoid an injury but perform at a better level.

Simple steps can help you avoid injuries in spring sports like soccer.

Work into the season slowly.

Spring sports, whether baseball, soccer, lacrosse or another sport, involves intense training for about five months. You need to pace yourself and keep your body healthy throughout the season. Make sure to get rest after hard training sessions, practices and games.

Let your athletic trainer, doctor or your parents know if you have pain.

In all sports seasons, fall, spring, winter or summer, telling someone that you have pain or have suffered an injury is crucial. I know you don’t want to let your teammates, coaches or parents down, but suffering a serious injury doesn’t help anyone. Make sure to tell your team’s athletic trainer or doctor you have pain. Tell your coach or parents that you’re sore. And parents, emphasize to your kids that they need to open up about any injuries they are dealing with.

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