Every year, around August or September, we read or see heartbreaking stories of high school athletes dying from heat stroke. The media asks what we can do to prevent these deaths. There are ways to prevent heat stroke deaths once summer practice starts. I think it’s a good idea, though, to discuss some ideas we can implement now, before team practices begin.

In this video, I stress some steps that young athletes can take months ahead of the start of practice to decrease their risk of heat stroke.

Heat illness is mostly a problem among obese athletes. Many football players are big and strong, but unfortunately many are obese.Don’t wait for the start of summer practice to get in shape.

Don’t wait for the start of summer practice to get in shape. Do what you can to lose weight and build your cardiovascular endurance now. Start lifting weights. Begin to run outside so that you can get used to the heat.

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Arriving to summer practice in shape will not only help your performance on the field, but it will most likely keep you alive.