Waterskiing, wakeboarding and surfing can be really fun activities in the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, injuries can occur. While we might not be able to prevent injuries in water sports completely, we can take steps to decrease our risk.

Tips to prevent water skiing and wakeboarding injuries

• Always water ski and wakeboard during the daytime.
• Always wear a life jacket.
• Due to the risk of concussions, always wear an approved safety helmet when wakeboarding.
• Ensure the propeller of the boat has stopped before getting back into the boat.
• Let go of the tow rope as you fall.
• Avoid water skiing or wakeboarding in restricted areas or areas with objects in the water.
• Do not use drugs or alcohol while driving the boat, water skiing or wakeboarding.
• Having two people in the boat — a driver and a spotter — so that the driver can watch where he is driving at all times.

Tips to prevent injuries in water sports, like wakeboarding

Tips to prevent surfing injuries

• Avoid surf conditions for which you are not skilled or prepared.
• Know the surroundings and the presence of hazards in the water.
• Put a soft tip on the board to prevent eye injuries from contact with the tip of the board.
• Watch for your friends, and have them watch for you.

In this video, I discuss these injuries and the steps to prevent prevent injuries in water sports in more detail. These simple suggestions might keep you out of the doctor’s office or emergency room.

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