Injury rates in almost all youth sports are increasing quickly. About half of these injuries are related to overuse, meaning they are preventable. But if your son or daughter has pain, how can you know if it’s serious? How can you know when it’s time for you to see a doctor for your child’s injury?

In this video, I discuss the initial treatment for injuries kids can suffer in sports. If it looks like a serious injury – maybe the forearm or leg is crooked – then going to a doctor or the emergency room is necessary right away. But many of these issues develop slowly over days and weeks.

When should you see a doctor for your child's injury in sports?

Here are some simple steps to try in the day or two after your son or daughter starts having pain. If the pain improves, then you can follow this plan to work back into sports. If it isn’t getting better, then seeing a doctor can be a great next step.

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