Sever’s disease is a common cause of heel pain in young athletes. It is an inflammation of the open growth center on the back of the calcaneus, or the heel bone. It is often related to overuse, and it often affects young athletes in running and jumping sports.

Symptoms of Sever’s disease

Typically, Sever’s disease affects children still growing before they go through puberty. It is usually seen in kids ranging from eight to 15 years old. It is common in sports that involve running, such as soccer, and repetitive impact, such as gymnastics. The patient often has pain on the heel bone, especially with sports and other physical activities.

Treatment of Sever’s disease

Treatment is always nonoperative. Rest from the offending activities, including sports, is essential to decrease the pain. Ice, anti- inflammatory medications, and rest are often all that is needed to resolve the symptoms.

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