Several authors reviewed the Kaiser Permanente ACLR Registry of 21,304 patients who underwent surgery between February 2005 to June 2013 in order to assess the risk of revision ACL reconstruction based on age of the patient and other age-specific risk factors. 7026 (33%) Knee brace ACLpatients were aged <21 years, 5762 (27%) were 21-30 years, 4656 (22%) were 31-40 years, and 3860 (18%) were >40 years. Allografts were used in 8671 (41%) patients. The 5-year revision probability was highest in patients <21 years old and lowest in those >40 years old. In patients ≤40 years old, those with allografts had a higher risk of revision than those with BPTB autografts. Patients <21 years old with hamstring autografts had a 1.61 times higher risk of revision than did patients with BPTB autografts; these differences were not identified in older patients.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine, published online December 4, 2015