A review of NCAA student-athlete deaths from 2003-2004 through the 2011-2012 academic years found a total of 477 student-athlete deaths athlete restingwere reported. Thirty-five cases of suicide, including 6 cases of suspected suicide, were identified. Twenty-nine cases of suicide occurred in male athletes, accounting for 82.9% of total cases, compared with 6 cases in female athletes.

Suicide represented 7.3% (35/477) of all-cause mortality. The overall suicide rate was 0.93/100,000 student athletes per year. Suicide represented the fourth leading cause of death, following traumatic accidents, cardiovascular deaths, and homicide.

The greatest number of cases was reported among football athletes (n = 13), followed by soccer (n = 5), track/cross-country (n = 5), baseball (n = 4), and swimming (n = 3). The highest incidence of suicide was identified in football athletes (2.25/100,000).

Source: Sports Health, published on May 20, 2015