Clavicle fractures are common injures and account for approximately 2.6%-5% of all fractures in adults. Traditionally, nonsurgical management Shoulder pain malehas been favored as the treatment for most clavicular fractures. However, recent evidence has emerged indicating that operative fixation presents lower nonunion rates, better functional outcomes, improved cosmesis, and greater patient satisfaction compared with closed treatment.

A study looking at the surgery to openly reduce the fracture and fix it with a plate and screws showed that 94% returned to the same level of sports. The mean time to return-to-sport was 68 days. Nine (16.6%) of the cases returned to sports before 6 weeks after surgery, 40 (74%) returned between 6 and 12 weeks, and 5 patients (9.2%) returned 12 weeks after surgery. Hardware removal was necessary in 5 patients (9.3%).

-Source: The American Journal of Sports Medicine, published online before print December 9, 2014