Lacrosse playerLacrosse players are on the rise. In 2013, a record total of 746,859 players competed on organized lacrosse teams across the country. These numbers have risen steadily since 2001 when there were just 253,901 players. Last year, youth participation exceeded 400,000 for the first time. Roughly two-thirds of the youth participants are boys.

Lacrosse is growing in popularity among high school players. From 2008–2013, 621 high schools added boys’ teams and 588 for girls. This is a 34% uptick in boys’ lacrosse teams and a 36% increase in girls’ teams. These numbers easily show lacrosse sports teams outpacing the growth of other high school sports.

It doesn’t stop there. Among all NCAA sports, lacrosse is the fastest growing. In 2013, there were over 35,000 varsity, club and junior college players and 60 new varsity programs were created.

-Source: US Lacrosse