Occasionally I like to share the books that I’m reading, especially the really good ones. I just finished The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan GEN the 10 Newspaper man readingHoliday, and it is tremendous! Based on stoicism, Ryan offers great insight into dealing with adversity and learning to control what you can control. Whether you are familiar with stoicism or not, I highly recommend it. I bought the audio version from Audible, and l completed it in two sessions.

Now take a few minutes to check out some great articles too!


Sports Medicine
An important review of social media use for athletic trainers, team doctors and others who work with athletes: Top tips for social media use in sports and exercise medicine: doing the right thing in the digital age by Osman Hassan Ahmed, Richard Weiler, Anthony G Schneiders, Paul McCrory, S John Sullivan in British Journal of Sports Medicine

Don’t get too excited, folks. Burgers and fries aren’t necessary the answer either. UM study finds fast food just as effective for recovery as sports supplements in Medical News Today

I clearly don’t change mine enough: Is It Time to Replace Your Toothbrush? by Jeff Cattel in Greatist

I don’t think there is a “one size fits all” style of dress for physicians, personally: Does the attire determine professionalism? by Adam Bitterman in KevinMD.com

Youth Sports
I’m not sure this is a good trend: Youth Football Players Being Recruited as Eighth Graders by Dave Cisar in winningyouthfootball.com

It’s good to see this important topic for female athletes getting mainstream media attention. The Silent Sports Health Crisis, Female Athlete Triad by Katie Matlack in Vice Sports

Social Media and Communication
I agree completely. Either doctors will participate in social media or they won’t. There is no sense trying to convince the non-believers any more. Social Media Has Been Introduced to Physicians by Bryan Vartabedian in 33charts.comWoman listening over coffee

This is a skill I am trying to improve. I bet many people could use these tips: 10 Ways to Be A Better Listener by Sasha Graffagna in superheroyou.com

Productivity and Self Improvement
“You have the permission to choose the way you take.” from Jon Acuff. Realizing you don’t fit into the system is a scary thing. At first. by Jon Acuff in acuff.me

“Start creating for the 80% who like your work rather than the 20% who don’t.” Great advice from Donald Miller. Why 20% of People Will Never Like You in Storylineblog.com