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Sports Medicine
The patients I’ve had that have battled this problem have really struggled: Heavy Slow Resistance Versus Eccentric Training as Treatment for Achilles Tendinopathy by Rikke Beyer, Mads Kongsgaard, Birgitte Hougs Kjær, Tommy Øhlenschlæger, Michael Kjær, S. Peter Magnusson in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

This tool might help us recognize athletes in need of more sleep and recovery: The Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire: a new tool for assessing and managing sleep in elite athletes by Charles Samuels, Lois James, Doug Lawson, Willem Meeuwisse in British Journal of Sports Medicine

Exercise and Fitness
Important information for married couples, especially parents, on getting exercise: How to Get Your Spouse to Exercise by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times

I’m a big fan of high-intensity interval training. Here are ways to use those techniques to build your upper body: The Quick and Dirty Upper-Body Workout by Locke Hughes in Greatist

Youth Sports
This appears to be an important aspect of health for athletes young and old. More than one-third of Division I college athletes may have low vitamin D levels in Medical News Today

Terrific message to share with your kids and all young athletes: Letter to My Younger Self by Curt Schilling in

Social Media and CommunicationTwitter
I love this new feature of Twitter: How to Retweet the Right Way (With a Comment) on Twitter by Laura Fitton in HubSpot

From personal experience, I know this reason is true: The Single Most Important Reason Why You Should Start a Podcast by Jerod Morris in

Productivity and Self Improvement
We should stop picturing “work-life balance” as a seesaw: Why The Idea Of Work-Life Balance Is Insane by Eric Greitens in Thought Catalog

I love this – “Perfectionism steals life, but presence gives it.” from Scott McClellan on A Kind of Perfection Worth Pursuing