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Speaking of women’s soccer, I have recently written some posts about injuries and injury prevention in soccer. If you are interested in that topic, look for those posts and podcast discussions and let me know your thoughts on those discussions!

Let’s get to the articles!


Sports Medicine
How do you feel about this plan? Texas ready to dump high school steroids testing program by Jim Vertuno in The Associated Press

1 in every 4 Major League Baseball pitchers has had Tommy John surgery: Prevalence of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Surgery in Professional Baseball Players by Stan A. Conte, Glenn S. Fleisig, Joshua S. Dines, Kevin E. Wilk, Kyle T. Aune, Nancy Patterson-Flynn, and Neal ElAttrache in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

As critical as sleep is to good health, we can’t let TV harm our ability to sleep well. Television ruins your sleep. Here are 5 ways how. by Deep Ramachandran in

Expect these debates to intensify in many medical specialties in the coming years: Board Certification and Fees Anger Doctors by Joshua A. Krisch in The New York Times

Exercise and Fitness
I wish I was patient enough to cook these, because they look good: Superfood Energy Bars by Fitnessista in

If you struggle to work out after work, then maybe you can adapt to work out in the morning: 24 Pro Hacks to Help Anyone Start Working Out in the Morning by Hannah Newman in

Youth Sports
Why do think fewer kids play baseball today? Little League baseball, softball participation decline continues…with one exception by John Beauge in Youth boy

All of these tips are great ones: 10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Avoid Overuse Injuries and Burnout in Sports by Brooke de Lench in

Social Media and Communication
I’ve dealt with this problem before, and if you are active online, you will face it, too: 4 ways to fight content thieves by Gini Dietrich in PR Daily

Are you active on Pinterest? I’m trying to be more involved. This offers some good starting tips: How to Start a Pinterest Board That Succeeds by Kelsey Libert in Social Media Examiner