I just wrapped up a trip to New York City to visit friends and finish the draft of a book I’m writing. It was amazing as always. That’s my favorite city in America – other than Charleston!Gen the 10 Young woman reading smartphone

I apologize to those of you who have emailed me asking if you can get into Sports Medicine University. We closed registration at the end of April, and it will remained closed for a little while. I want to focus time and energy on creating content and interacting with the amazing members. If you want to sign up at http://sportsmedicineuniversity.com I will make sure you will be the first to know when we reopen it!


Sports Medicine
Orthopaedic surgery is a male-dominated field. Here are some great tips for standing out as a female surgeon: 10 secrets to success as a female surgeon by Lauren Crawford in kevinmd.com

Assuming the link between ACL injuries and genetics is true, how should we use that information? ACL injuries in female athletes traced to genes in Medical News Today

A lot of my healthy friends drink Diet Coke. I want to give it up completely: Is Diet Coke Bad For You? What About Artificial Sweeteners? by Steve Kamb in Nerd Fitness

Sleep is such an important aspect of our health. Here are some great tips to improve sleep anywhere: 16 Ways to Sleep Absolutely Anywhere by Kelly Fitzpatrick in greatist.com

Exercise and Fitness
Has anyone else heard of this behavior using marijuana while or after running? The Debate Over Running While High by Frederick Dreier in The Wall Street Journal

I hear women make some of these same complaints about gyms frequently: 6 Things About Gyms That Suck For Women by Jordan Berry in thoughtcatalog.comWoman writing in notebook

Social Media and Communication
Great tips for making a great first impression with your blog post or article: How to Craft Headlines That Draw People to Your Content by Heidi Cohen in Social Media Examiner

I think I will start trying Meerkat. Have you used it? Why PR pros and marketers should get familiar with Meerkat by Kevin J. Allen in ragan.com

Productivity and Self Improvement
What might seem awful to you might really excite someone else. A novel approach to figuring out what you should do: What Doesn’t Seem Like Work? by Paul Graham in paulgraham.com

“It’s the dopamine.” We are Addicted to the New by Jason Silva in YouTube