I mentioned a decision I am trying to make about my podcast recently. It led to a lot of discussion about what podcasts I listen to. I am back into Gen The 10 Man reading on computerpodcasts again after getting away from them. I can’t say that I listen to every episode of all of these podcasts. I really decide to listen to certain episodes based on the topic discussed on that week’s show. And I don’t listen to the “fun” podcasts very often. I have to be doing something that requires no brainpower, since they easily distract me.

Here are the ones I really enjoy right now:
The Ray Edwards Show – Ray Edwards
Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield
The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss
Freakonomics Radio – Stephen Dubner

Personal Development
The Charged Life – Brendon Burchard

Men In Blazers (soccer)
Cheap Heat and The Masked Man Show (professional wrestling – bet you wouldn’t have guessed that!)
The Tony Kornheiser Show
The Bill Simmons Podcast – Bill Simmons

You know I love books and articles too, so here are some good ones to check out!

Book I read this week: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. I really enjoyed this book. I learned that we are not really logical or rational people. Yes, we have the ability to think through problems logically, but that part of our brain is pretty lazy. This book is long, but I think you will find it insightful.

Book I’m reading next week: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition by Robert B. Cialdini PhD. I have read another book by Dr. Cialdini about persuasion, but I want to study his classic work. It seems like every thought leader mentions this book as one people should read.

Sports Medicine
It will be interesting to see if these devices continue to decrease ACL risk in more studies: A Wearable Neuromuscular Device Reduces ACL Injury Risk in Female Soccer Athletes by Michael John Decker, Matthew Shaw, Casey Maddan, Julie Campbell, and Bradley Davidson in Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine

A huge number of patients with ankle sprains present to emergency rooms. Can we decrease these numbers? Incidence and Cost of Ankle Sprains in United States Emergency Departments by Shweta Shah, Abbey C. Thomas, Joshua M. Noone, Christopher M. Blanchette and Erik A. Wikstrom in Sports Health

Exercise and Fitness
Fascinating data that could impact kids and learning in school: Want New Knowledge to Stick? Head For a Workout by Robert Preidt in WebMD

If you want to start HIIT training, this might be the regimen for you: Here’s the Proper Way to Do a HIIT Workout If You Want to See Results by Jenn W. in Popsugar

Youth Sports
I wonder how common these events are: The Trusted Grown-Ups Who Steal Millions From Youth Sports by Bill Pennington in The New York Boys playing soccer gameTimes

I really like his articles, including this one: Top Mistakes Parents Make Before a Game by Patrick Cohn in Youth Sports Psychology

Productivity and Self Improvement
I get more done in the morning than almost anyone I know, and I think you should try it too: How To Become A Morning Person by Michael Hyatt in MichaelHyatt.com

Knowing when to quit can be really important: Winners Give Up All The Time by Chris Guillebeau in ChrisGuillebeau.com

Did you like one of these articles or books? Do you have any others to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Disclosure: Please note that the links to the books or programs at the beginning of this post are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have purchased these books or programs and either have read them or will soon. I recommend them because they are helpful and useful to me and because I feel that they could help many of you. I do not recommend any resources simply because I receive a small commission if you decide to use or purchase any of them. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel that they can help you in your work or personal lives.