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Book I read this week: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. This book is fascinating. Currey explores the daily routines of some of the most famous and successful artists in modern history. These are artists in many different fields, such as writers and filmmakers. What is remarkable is that while they all have very different routines, each of them had a fairly standard process to their days to allow them to create their art. Whatever our work is, we should establish a daily ritual to create our art.

Book I’m reading next week: The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin. I read about this book on Tim Ferriss’s website, and I am excited to start it!

Sports Medicine
Great list! 41 Things I Would Like To Thank My Athletic Trainer For by Rachelle Baumann in

A compelling argument for athletic trainers in schools: Athletic Trainers in Secondary Schools by Mike Hopper in

Youth Sports
Where do you stand on participation trophies? Participation Trophies or Not: That is the Question by Amanda Stanec in

Shocking stat that could explain some of the drop in youth sports participation: Parents Deeply Concerned About Injuries in Youth Sports, Survey Finds by Eliana Dockterman in Time

Social Media and CommunicationSpeaking at podium to audience
I went to speaker training recently, and they stress eliminating this word: The newest filler word to avoid by Kelly Decker in Ragan

Is there a lesson here for the rest of us? Kardashians blaze a trail as celebrities seize control of their digital brands by Sarah Hughes in The Guardian

Productivity and Self Improvement
If we don’t take breaks and recharge, we will wear down quickly: 4 Ways to Get A 15 Minute Vacation Every Day by Mike Foster in Storyline

One of my favorite and most important tools: 10 reasons I really love the Evernote Web Clipper by Jeremy Brand Yuan in Evernote

Did you like one of these articles or books? Do you have any others to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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