If you have kids who play travel sports, you probably know the challenges with the kids eating healthy on the trip. Due to cost and lack of time, it is easy to eat fast food, despite it being unhealthy and not ideal for sports performance. In this video, I discuss how to eat healthy on the road.

How to eat healthy on the road

There are often much healthier options than fast food restaurants that will help your sports performance or that of your children.

Eat at restaurants with healthier menus

Try to have meals at “sit-down” restaurants rather than eating greasy, fatty foods at fast food restaurants. Generally these restaurants have menus with more healthy options. Proper nutrition is key when kids must play multiple games in a weekend. If you can find restaurants with high-carbohydrate foods like breads, pasta and potatoes, they might perform better on their field or court.

Pack healthy snacks before your trip

Consider packing snacks and recovery foods before your trip. Many healthy foods can be packaged individually, making them affordable options that maximizes athletic performance. You can use resealable bags to create individual servings. Bring fruit or fruit cups, granola bars, cereal bars, and other energy bars. Peanut butter sandwiches are easy options as well. Plus, they are effective recovery foods, providing carbohydrates in the bread and protein in the peanut butter.

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How to eat healthy on the road

The next time you or your kids have a sports competition out of town, plan ahead for healthier nutrition options. Eat at healthy restaurants, and bring healthy snacks and recovery foods.