One of the more popular activities, especially around the holidays, involve water sports. We love to go to lakes or rivers and water ski or wakeboard or perform other water activities.

As fun as these activities can be, it’s possible to get injured doing them. Here are some suggestions on ways to do them safely.

Know your surroundings.

Look at the area where you will ski before starting. Recognize where the water is shallow. Observe for branches, submerged objects or other obstacles. Look for other people or anything that can get between you and the boat, and look for anything you could hit along the side of the lake or river.

Ski or wakeboard in safe areas.

Avoid heavily congested areas where there are lots of boats and people. Also, try to avoid skiing too close to shore.

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Steps to water ski and wakeboard safely

Have a spotter other than the driver of the boat.

The driver of the boat needs to watch for other boats and obstacle and cannot focus on the skier as well. Make sure a third person can watch to see if the skier falls.

Wear a life-preserver.

Not only can a life-preserver provide some protection to your chest in a crash, but it can keep you floating should you suffer a more serious injury.

Water ski or wakeboard safely

Wear sunscreen.

It’s not an injury, per se, but you can get serious sunburns from the sun and from the light reflecting off the water. Apply sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day.

Drink lots of water.

You might not feel as dehydrated because you’re in the water, but you still need to drink water.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Whether you drink alcohol on the boat is your business, but consider waiting until after you water ski, wakeboard or drive the boat.

Stay safe and have fun doing these water sports.