Tennis players must get their bodies into tennis shape at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately playing tennis for hours on end or running mile after mile on a treadmill each day might not be the best way to do it.

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With the power needed in tennis today, it is no surprise that weight training is crucial. Resistance training with free weights, machines, and medicine balls two to three times a week should make up a key part of the training regimen. Players should focus on muscle groups important in tennis, such as core muscles of the hips, lower back and abdomen, as well as the shoulders and legs.

Tennis players must be in terrific shape

Finally athletes need to build stamina in ways that replicate what they do on the court. Rather than running at slow speeds for miles, tennis players should focus on repetitive 60- to 90-second bursts of activity. Also training for side-to-side and backward movements can develop endurance that is needed for tennis points and long matches.

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