If you have a lot of snow on the ground right now, you (or your kids) might want to get outside and go sledding. It can definitely bring fun to this winter season. Please remember that serious injuries can occur as well. In this video, I offer some tips to stay safe while you and your kids are having fun and prevent a sledding injury.

Choose a safe location to sled.

This step is crucial to avoid injuries. Avoid areas with trees, rocks, or other objects that would cause collisions and injuries. Pick a location with enough light if sledding at night. And don’t sled on roads where you could be hit by cars and trucks or sled on hills that lead to roads where motor vehicles could accidentally hit you.

Pick a sled with a steering mechanism.

If you have access to one, use a sled with a rope or some mechanism that allows you to steer. You can turn to avoid hazardous objects in front of you and avoid collisions.

Always sled sitting down with your feet forward.

Don’t sled head first. This position allows you to see where you are going and steer. Sledding with your head in front makes it hard for you to see. You also could have difficulty controlling the sled.

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Wear a helmet.

Helmets are crucial in football, skiing and snowboarding, but you should wear one sledding too. Head injuries can result from crashes at high speeds. Helmets could decrease the severity of any head injury.

Helmets are important to prevent a skiing or sledding injury.

Dress warmly.

Wear clothing appropriate for the winter weather. Consider dressing in layers with an outer waterproof shell. Wear gloves or mittens.

Parents should watch their kids if a sledding injury occurs.

Adult supervision of kids while sledding is crucial. Parents can ensure safe conditions. They can also watch for collisions and attend to injuries as soon as they occur.

While it is extremely fun, kids should recognize that serious injuries can occur with sledding. Everyone should take precautions to prevent serious injury.