For many people who don’t like to exercise that much, the idea of exercise when you’re sick seems crazy. If anything, the illness is an excuse not to exercise. There are a lot of people – you might be one of them – who want to keep training despite the illness.

Is it a good idea to push through a tough workout when you’re sick? How can you know when you might be doing more harm than good?

Before I share some tips for exercise when you’re sick, I’d stress that you need to be careful. After all, one day off from running or lifting weights will not set you back very far.

Next, you need to determine whether or not training is actually safe. In this video, I share my thoughts on a body temperature above which exercise might be harmful. I also discuss a good rule of thumb regarding your symptoms that can help you know if exercise is ok.

Finally, I share three tips for safely exercise despite a minor illness. Following these suggestions might not only make your training session possible, but they might keep you from becoming even more sick. Check out the video to learn more tip for exercise when you’re sick.

Should you exercise when you’re sick?