High school athletes who play sports in the fall should use the summer months to prepare for fall sports. In addition to getting in shape, a summer workout program can help athletes avoid some injuries in the fall, prepare for the heat often present as fall sports start, and even impress their coaches.

Showing up for the first day of fall practice is not the time to try to get in shape. Showing up in ideal physical condition will give you the best chance to perform at a high level. Since injuries often result when athletes are fatigued, better physical conditioning might prevent some injuries early in the season.

These summer months also offer time for athletes to work on sport-specific programs. For example, football players can engage in training for power and speed that will benefit them in the fall. Cross country runners and soccer players could focus on endurance.

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Runners trying to prepare for fall sports

Athletes can use this time to learn an ACL injury prevention program and perform these exercises daily. These programs usually only require 10 to 15 minutes per day, and they might decrease an athlete’s risk of suffering this season-ending injury.

Motivation can be challenging for high school students in summer months, so athletes should try to work with one or more of their teammates. Training with at least one of their friends can keep young athletes motivated.

Finally, these summer months are not the time to eat a lot of junk food. Just as you should try to get your body in better physical condition, eating a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, and proteins will help the work done in the gym.

These tips to prepare for fall sports can help you avoid injuries and perform better.