Changing your exercise regimen can add fun and a much needed change of pace. It can also prevent injuries by shifting stress away from parts of your body you continually work with your normal program. It is critical when you start any new form of exercise that you learn to do the exercises or moves properly. This idea applies to almost any form of exercise – free weights, yoga, kettle bells and many more. Work with a personal trainer when you start a new training regimen.

Work with a personal trainer

Don’t start by randomly flailing your arms and legs. Don’t try exercises with no real understanding of proper form. Not only do you miss out on much of the benefit of the exercise, but you risk injury.

Instead, hire a trainer for one or two sessions if you’re starting a weight lifting program. Hire a private yoga or Pilates instructor for a few sessions. Have a professional teach you proper form with each move.

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Also whenever you start a new exercise regimen, remember to start slowly. Try shorter sessions, fewer reps and lower weights. Let your body grow accustomed to the new demands before you suffer a muscle strain or worse.