When learning any new program, I think it’s really important to work with a fitness trainer. In this video, I discuss several points worth considering about working with a personal trainer.

Design a program for you

A personal trainer can help you select the appropriate exercises that are best for you and your goals.

Correct technique

A trainer can teach you the correct techniques for every exercise. Many people suffer bone and joint injuries by flailing their arms around or lifting weights off the ground awkwardly. Using perfect technique for each exercise can help you prevent injuries by limiting stress to areas where it shouldn’t be.

The benefits of appointments

Making regular appointments with a trainer can motivate you to get to the gym. It is very easy to talk yourself out of working out, especially after a long day at work and obligations at home. If you pay for sessions with a trainer, you will be more likely to keep the appointment. You might not want to work out, but getting to the gym can be half the battle.

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Female lifting weights with a personal trainer

Ask about experience of the personal trainer

Unfortunately almost anyone can call himself a trainer. Inquire about your trainer’s experience. Ask if he or she has obtained certification, such as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.