Burnout is a hot topic right now, and deserved so. More and more Americans – in every profession – are facing burnout at work. In my world of medicine, there are higher than ever rates of physician burnout. Harvard’s School of Public Health calls the burnout among our nation’s physicians a “public health crisis.” Even stay-at-home moms face constant stress in their daily lives.

A majority of Americans face burnout at work at least sometimes

A recent Gallup study of full-time American workers found that 23 percent of them experienced burnout very often or always. Another 44 percent experienced burnout at work sometimes. Essentially, two-thirds of American workers fight burnout on a regular basis.

The many causes of job burnout

Numerous factors play a role in this workplace stress and frustration. For one thing, on top of working longer hours, we are never disconnected from our jobs. We get texts and work-related emails on our phones at night and on weekends. We never get a break.

Plus, there are a number of job and leader issues that play a role. In this video, I describe some of the challenges we face in our jobs and how they can contribute to the rising rates of burnout at work.

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