Job burnout is on the rise in the United States. And yes, burnout is a real problem. The World Health Organization recently recognized burnout at a legitimate medical syndrome.

Characteristics of workplace burnout

Burnout generally has three characteristics: energy depletion or exhaustion, negative feelings toward your career or feeling more distant to your job, and decreased workplace productivity.

Common symptoms of job burnout

A recent survey showed that approximately two-thirds of full-time American workers experience job burnout symptoms at least some of the time. These burnout symptoms can include chronic fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression and many more.

You might dread going to work most days, mentally check out in meetings, spread negativity in your workplace, or wonder why you started working in that job or career in the first place.

Burnout and its effects on your health

In this video, I describe burnout in much more detail. I specifically sharing my thoughts on how it can affect your health, potentially leading to unhealthy behaviors and tragic outcomes.

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