When I was younger, I loved to run. I didn’t want to do any other kind of exercise. I ran 7 days a week, and I occasionally did two-a-days. Once I even ran two road races on the same day. Looking back, my training probably wasn’t very smart. I should have added several workouts to cross train each week.

It’s normal to stick to the exercise you like to do. I’ve seen people who do all sorts of exercise refuse to do anything else. That’s never good when you get hurt and have to take time off from your exercise and switch to something else.

I am supportive of exercise in all forms. If you love one type of exercise, I’m sure it keeps you motivated to train. Over time, though, it could also lead to injury.

You don’t have to give up exercise altogether. (But resting every now and then isn’t always bad!) Just pick a different exercise to do. Cut back from running six or seven days a week and add in cycling, swimming, weights or yoga for one or two of those days. If you swim regularly, jog or use an elliptical trainer a couple of days a week. There are so many ways to cross train that allows you to exercise but avoid an overuse injury.

An added benefit could come from your new exercise variety. Changing your training could actually make exercise more fun, increase your motivation and prevent burnout.

Cross train several days each week

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Varying your exercise routine could prevent an injury that could shut you down completely.