It’s completely normal to take a vacation from exercise when we go on vacation. We want to get away from all the hard work we have put in at our jobs. We want to spend time with our families and spend time doing exciting activities. But we know that a long break from exercise can lead to health issues that take a while to reverse. Rather than skipping your exercise altogether, use one or more of these simple tips to exercise on vacation.

To exercise on vacation, do it first thing in the morning.

With so many fun things to do in your new destination, exercise might seem like a chore that will just get in the way. By working out first thing in the morning, even if that isn’t your normal schedule, you get it done for the day. Get in 30 or 60 minutes of a run, weightlifting session or yoga class and then head out for fun with your family and friends.

Hiking can be a great way to exercise on vacation

Get outside in your new environment rather than exercising in the hotel gym.

Let’s face it. Most hotel gyms just aren’t very nice. Yes, they can be dirty, but more importantly, they usually don’t have enough equipment to feel like you did a real workout. Plus those dingy gyms can kill your motivation.

Instead, get outside or at least do something different. You came to this destination to get away. Experience it. Rather than run on a treadmill, maybe you can run around your new town. Or maybe you take hike. You can get exercise and see some amazing sights.

Eat healthy while you’re on vacation.

Many people use their vacation to get away from work, but they also get away from their healthy food choices too. Once you start eating a bunch of junk food or rich, carb-loaded food, that vacation diet might kill your workout motivation too. That kind of food can make you feel sluggish, making it hard to work out well even if you do go. Instead, try to stick to your healthy diet wherever you are.

Do something active for fun.

Consider an activity outside of your usual fitness routine. Maybe you can surf or snorkel and spend time swimming in the water. Maybe you and your family could take a hike through a waterfall environment. Look for opportunities to have fun in your new location, but find ones that are active and burn calories too.