With the struggles that so many of us face with symptoms of job burnout, we need to find ways to recharge and enjoy our jobs and our lives again.

One of the common beliefs regarding job burnout, though, is that we need to find or reconnect with the passion in our work. But it might not be that simple. The Mayo Clinic lists work that we personally identify with as one of the risk factors for job burnout. Those who do strongly identify with their jobs often lack any sort of work-life balance.

In this video, I talk about ways to add passion to your life again.

I have previously stressed reprioritizing and eliminating tasks in your job that don’t contribute much to your overall performance and productivity. With the time you save eliminating the parts of your job that don’t move the needle, you have to make time for things outside of work you are passionate about.

As I discuss, it’s important that we take time each week – or preferably, each day, to do something that brings us joy. It will keep us healthy, sane, and enjoying our jobs for much longer.

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