This is one of several tips I share to exercise in hot weather safely and decrease your risk of heat illness. I want to emphasize that most heat-related illnesses in sports and exercise can be prevented. If you play a team sport, please see the tips on adjusting practices and preparing well before the season.

First, an individual simply trying to exercise in hot weather in the summer months should get acclimated to the heat. If possible, slowly ramp up your training over 10 to 14 days (or longer) to improve your cardiovascular fitness and adjust to the heat.

Try to train during cooler times of the day, such as early mornings or evenings. Adjust your clothing accordingly, too. Pick breathable, lightweight and light-colored clothes.

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Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after training. If you want to gauge whether you’re keeping up with body fluid lost through sweat, weigh yourself before and after training. If you train for longer than an hour, consider consuming sports drinks or adding electrolytes. Avoid caffeine or alcohol which can further dehydrate you. And limit exercise when you’re sick to avoid further dehydration or problems with body temperature.

Finally, be careful during your training sessions. Gradually increase your intensity. Take breaks when you need them. Consider training with a partner so you can watch for signs of heat illness developing in each other.