Being sedentary is one of the worst parts of our society and work habits these days. Honestly, it is terrible for our health. And I readily admit that I sit too much, and I know the risks. In this video, I share 4 tips to sit less and get up and moving that you can easily add to your work routine to be more active.

Sit less tip #1: Park at the back of the parking lot

It makes no sense to drive up and down the aisles of a parking lot trying to get a spot relatively close to the front of the building. In that same amount of time, you can park at the back of the lot and walk a few hundred yards. Plus you get the same amount of walking at the end of the day when you leave work.

Sit less tip #2: Walk to talk to someone instead of sending an email

Email is very convenient. It’s a necessity to communicate with people around the country and world. But if you are sending messages to people in your offices, you might try standing up, walking to their office and talking to them in person instead. Those few minutes on your feet can help get your blood flowing and muscles pumping.

Make efforts to sit less at work each day

Sit less tip #3: Make all phone calls standing up

This tip can not only help you stand and move around, but it might cut the time you are on the phone. If you want to really increase your standing, add texting and social media time to that speaking on the phone. You might decrease the time you sit at your desk and cut down on the social media distractions at the same time.

Sit less tip #4: Make all meetings walking meetings

This tip is great, but it requires you to convince other people. Try to have walking meetings, preferably outdoors. Get some sunshine and fresh air and maybe even a mile or two of walking. You will feel better and get some exercise. And if it doesn’t work, it might get you out of some pointless meetings!

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