Note: This is the first of a series of posts and shows discussing injuries and sports medicine topics related to the Summer Olympics. This content is provided solely for editorial and informational purposes and implies no official relationship to The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited (LOCOG).

Who is excited for London? One of the best aspects of these games is the increased focus on sports we really only see every four years. What do you most want to watch? Swimming? Gymnastics? Track and field? Or do you prefer traditionally popular sports like basketball?

This year I would like to use this opportunity to discuss sports that I rarely, if ever, right about imposts or talk about on my show. Maybe I can share facts about rowing injuries or compare injury statistics between summer and winter Olympics. There are so many possibilities!

And I want suggestions from you! Do you want to know about an injury of a particular athlete? Do you have questions pertaining to injuries, rehab, or health issues of Olympic athletes as a whole? Let me hear your ideas!

A swimmer swimming laps in a pool.Here are some of the suggestions I have already received: Injuries and topics related to swimming and track and field, kinesio taping, supplement use among elite athletes, jet lag and the effects of international travel, altitude training, and Ramadan and fasting during competition.

And check out Episode 49 of The Dr. David Geier Show Monday. I will debate the notion that Olympic-caliber athletes heal faster than the rest of us as well as offer tips to recover from injuries like a professional athlete.

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