Maybe you are traveling across country to run in a marathon. Maybe you are a high school or youth travel team athlete traveling for sports to compete in a tournament. Long distances to travel, time changes and more can decrease your energy and hurt your athletic performance.

In this video, I suggest some ideas that could help you perform at your best when competing away from home:

• Change practice or training times before you leave to the time of the competition.
• Get active on the flight or bus ride.
• Arrive with enough time to adjust to the new time zone.
• Avoid long naps during the adjustment period.
• Limit training and exercise to moderate intensity in the first few days after arrival.
• Adjust your meals as needed.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Avoid alcohol.

In this short video, I explain how each of these suggestions might help you feel better, decrease your risk of injury and perform better when it matters.

Tips for traveling for sports

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