Even more than adults, young athletes might be more likely to push through pain and deny that they are hurting. Kids don’t want to let others down. They don’t want to disappoint their teammates, coaches and parents. That could be one reason that kids often don’t tell someone they are hurting. That’s why it’s so important to talk to your child about injuries and pain in sports.

Many injuries in youth sports start as soreness, maybe of the shoulder, elbow or knee. If the child keeps playing through it, the discomfort can get worse, coming on sooner in a game or practice, or taking longer to go away. Before long, a more serious overuse injury can occur that could require a lengthy absence from sports.

In this video, I discuss the challenges of parents and coaches telling if a child is dealing with pain in sports. I also share my thoughts on ways parents can help their children open up and discuss pain they might be feeling.

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