Welcome to Youth Sports Safety Month. As you might have already noticed on this site, I have started sharing articles addressing injuries in youth sports and tips to prevent them. I plan to do so all month, so if you have ideas for topics you would like to see, send me a note!

And… I’m so excited! Sports Medicine University is finally open! If you have a few minutes, check out this video I recorded discussing the site. I really think this will be a great opportunity for healthcare providers and students in many disciplines in sports medicine to collaborate and learn. I would love to have you join us as well! Click here to see why I’m so excited!


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Sports Medicine
A funny and true look at the perception of MRI in pro sports: What ESPN doesn’t tell you about MRI in professional athletes by Rourke Stay, MD in kevinmd.com

Deep vein thromboses (blood clots) are dangerous for all athletes: For NHL players and other athletes, blood clots are a deadly threat by Sarah Kwak in Sports Illustrated

More details of the supplement investigation at major retailers: What’s in Those Supplements? by Anahad O’Connor in The New York Times

Surprising statistics on low numbers of people taking vitamin D and fish oil despite health benefits:  Vitamin Awareness Outpaces Consumer Usage, According to One Survey by Michael Crane in nutritionaloutlook.com

Exercise and Fitness
Interesting look at another benefit of walking: ‘Learning while you walk beats learning while you sit,’ say university students by Catharine Paddock in Medical News Today

Can compression clothing help you recover from workouts? Compression garments and recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage: a meta-analysis by Jessica Hill, Glyn Howatson, Ken van Someren, Jonathan Leeder, Charles Pedlar in British Journal of Sports Medicine

Youth Sports
This trend seems to keep getting worse. What can we do to fix our kids’ sleep? U.S. Teens Getting Less Sleep Than Ever by Kathleen Doheny in WebMD

This is a problem that many of us, including teenagers, don’t realize: A billion at risk for hearing loss from exposure to loud music by Sandee LaMotte in CNN

ProductivityPerson typing on a laptop computer and Self Improvement
“Don’t get so obsessed with the minor details that you lose perspective on the big picture.” That and more great advice: We Asked 25 Experts for the One Piece of Advice That’s Changed Their Life the Most by Brittany Risher in greatist.com

Is it acceptable to schedule your personal plans into your day? It’s Okay to Schedule “Real Life” into Your Calendar by Chris Guillebeau in chrisguillebeau.com