Welcome to my Super Bowl weekend edition of The 10! Maybe you are reading these articles Saturday morning, but you have what seems like FB The 10 Newspaper man readingan eternity during the pregame show to catch up on these sports medicine and other articles too!

Enjoy the game Sunday! It seems like every year I end up tweeting about an injury or two during the Super Bowl, and many others do too. If you see a player get hurt during the game this year, touch base with me on Twitter about it. I’ll share my thoughts about it too, and we can get a spontanteous tweetchat going!

Sports Medicine
Study looks at injuries in youth rugby: Training Activities and Injuries in English Youth Academy and Schools Rugby Union by Deborah S. Palmer-Green, PhD, Keith A. Stokes, PhD, Colin W. Fuller, PhD, Michael England, MSc(SEM), MBBS, Simon P.T. Kemp, MSc(SEM), MBBS and Grant Trewartha, PhD, in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

Delaying ACL surgery in young children appears to increase the risk for meniscus and cartilage damage in their knees: Correlation of Meniscal and Articular Cartilage Injuries in Children and Adolescents With Timing of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction by Allen F. Anderson, MD, and Christian N. Anderson, MD in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

Be able to recognize signs of trouble when exercising in cold weather: Fighting the Cold in Elite Injury Management

Getting your body mass index lower is important no matter your weight: Weight Gain Carries Risks, No Matter Your Weight by Nicholas Bakalar in The New York Times

Youth Sports
Are we spending too much money on our kids’ sports? The Rising Costs of Youth Sports, in Money and Emotion by Paul Sullivan in The New York Times

The importance of empathy in youth sports: Fuel Their Fire by Carrie Boan in Core ImpactFemale giving a talk at a podium

Social Media and Communication
Tips on becoming a great public speaker: How To Be A Public Speaker — Or, The Art Of The Keynote Address by Ryan Holiday in thoughtcatalog.com

Interesting information on Facebook video posts: Facebook reports massive growth in video posts by Beki Winchel in ragan.com

Plan ahead to make the most of 2015. How to Budget Next Year’s 2,000 Working Hours by Laura Vanderkam in fastcompany.com

Why getting lots of little things done isn’t always good in the long run: How Being Busy Means Not Being Creative by Ali Luke in Productive Flourishing