Are you enjoying March Madness so far? Do you fill out a bracket? How are you doing in your pool? AGen the 10 Young woman reading smartphonend be honest, did you skip work Thursday to watch the games?! I won’t tell…

Thanks to those of you who sent me ideas for my technology in sports medicine talk. It was very helpful! I will try to turn it into content I can share either on this website or Sports Medicine University. Speaking of that, we open in just a few days. I would love for you to join us, so click here to learn more about it!


Sports Medicine
Why do you think tennis elbow might be decreasing, if it really is? The Epidemiology and Health Care Burden of Tennis Elbow by Thomas L. Sanders Jr, MD, Hilal Maradit Kremers, MD, MSc, Andrew J. Bryan, MD, Jeanine E. Ransom, BS, Jay Smith, MD and Bernard F. Morrey, MD in The American Journal of Sports Medicine

I’m not sure where technology fits into treatment of injuries and injury prevention in sports medicine yet, but I’m sure we will hear more about the use of technology. Protecting the health of the @hlete: how online technology may aid our common goal to prevent injury and illness in sport by Evert Verhagen and Caroline Bolling in British Journal of Sports Medicine

Exercise and Fitness
I’m a big fan of habits, and this short article offers some good tips for creating habits to increase your activity. Ask Well: Making Exercise a Habit by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times

How do you train for marathons with a family? Someone who does both offers her perspective: Training and the Family Dynamic by Swim Bike Mom in

Youth Sports
This news might be discouraging for parents of young football players: Helmet add-ons may not lower concussion risk in athletes in Medical Young football player making a tackleNews Today

I think this rule is a good step: NFHS Expands Definition of ‘Unnecessary Roughness’ in Football To Include Contact With Defenseless Receiver in

Social Media and Communication
These tips are all great, but I like tips #1, 5 and 7: 9 Things Great Writers Do Every Day by Neil Patel in HubSpot

I’m excited that podcasts are growing in popularity: ‘Invisibilia’ has passed ‘Serial’ on the iTunes charts by Benjamin Mullin in Poynter

Great tips for making your day better right away! 34 Ways to Bust a Bad Mood in 10 Minutes or Less by Laura Newcomer in

Terrific perspective: “Happiness, for most of us, is a choice.” Your mood vs. your reality by Seth Godin in