Next week I will post my next Ask Dr. Geier column, where I answer the question of a reader who wants information on how her daughter can FB  The 10 Steaming cup of coffeework to become a team doctor for a professional sports team. I share my thoughts on the process of going to medical school, orthopaedic surgery residency, sports medicine fellowship and orthopedic practice. Obviously I know that path, but there are many other ways to work with athletes. If you are an athletic trainer, physical therapist or a primary-care physician who works with athletes, I would love for you to discuss your journeys as well.

Along the same lines, I am launching Sports Medicine University later this month, and I would love for you to join. If you work in healthcare, I think the site will be great for you to learn and meet others in the field. If you just find the topics interesting, join us too! Make sure to sign up for more information!


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Exercise and Fitness
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Youth Sports
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Social Media and Communication
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