Schools are getting out soon, and kids will be free for a few months. Parents, what do you have planned for your kids this summer? Camp? Sports? Summer jobs?Gen The 10 Man reading on computer

If they play sports, make sure they get used to the warm weather before they train extensively. If they are playing football or another fall sport, have them use these summer months to work out and slowly get into shape.

And please take a few minutes to peruse some of these great articles!



I’m curious if people are surprised by this finding: The Limits of Tylenol for Pain Relief by Nicholas Bakalar in The New York Times

I keep hearing differing opinions on coffee, but here is the argument for coffee: It’s official: Americans should drink more coffee by Roberto A. Ferdman in The Washignton Post

Exercise and Fitness
Has anyone tried a high-fat diet? I have heard several people say they feel better. Should Athletes Eat Fat or Carbs? by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times

Great questions to ask if you can’t lose weight: 6 Things To Do If You STILL Can’t Lose Weight by Linda Melone in

Youth Sports
It’s good to see this important topic for female athletes getting mainstream media attention. The Silent Sports Health Crisis, Female Athlete Triad by Katie Matlack in Vice Sports

Excellent perspective: The NFL Draft and Youth Football by Dave Cisar in WinningYouthFootball.comYouth football

Social Media and Communication
Creating content is the key to marketing and social media for healthcare professionals. 4 Truths Healthcare Providers Need to Know About Content Marketing by Carrie Dagenhard in

I try to share motivational quotes occasionally, but I don’t do it as well as Jon does. Here are some of his tips: 5 ways to be motivational on the Internets. by Jon Acuff in

Productivity and Self Improvement
Which one of these is your favorite? 34 Truths We Need Stapled To Our Foreheads by Laura Jane Williams in Thought Catalog

“Focus on making life better for others.” Great advice from Chris Guillebeau in Sometimes Life Sucks, So You Might As Well Do Something About It