Childhood obesity is more prevalent than ever before. While kids getting physical exercise through sports and physical education classes in school is important, parents need to stress the importance of exercise as well and raise more active kids.

Here are a few suggestions to get your kids more active on a daily basis.

Tips for more active kids

Try to make it about them. Making them exercise instead of playing video games might just lead to them hating activity more. Instead, encourage them to be active in ways that they want to.

Encourage physical activities that they’ll really enjoy. Every child is different. Let them try different sports and activities until they find some that they enjoy.Suggestions to raise more active kids

Make time for exercise

Make time for exercise. Some kids have so much homework and other activities after school that they don’t have time to exercise. Carve out some free time so they can get outside and play.

Limit screen time

Limit screen time. This limit should include watching TV, using computers, and playing video games. Limit it to an hour or less per day.


Let your kids walk your dogs and take care of your other pets. Your kids can also go outside and play with your dogs in a park.

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Your role in active kids

Do physical activities as a family. Go on a bike ride as a family. Walk to a nearby park, or play games outside as a family.

Finally, serve as a good role model. Exercise on a regular basis just like you want you children to do. Turn off the TV and eat healthy foods. If your kids see you living a healthy lifestyle, they will be more likely to imitate your behavior.