Let’s face it. Exercise is hard. If it were easy everybody would do it, and everyone would be thin and look amazing. We all know how hard it can be, not just to do the exercise, but to even go to the gym. Here are 5 easy suggestions to motivate yourself to work out, especially when you don’t want to exercise.

Do it at the same time every day.

Going to the gym to exercise at the same time every day creates a consistency that eliminates the need to think and decide if you want to go. Going at a specific time creates a routine, and eventually, a habit. Before long, you won’t need to motivate yourself to work out, because your brain and body will expect to go work out at that time of the day.

Try working out in the morning.

Even if you aren’t a morning person, consider trying a few workouts in the morning before work. You might find that you feel great, as the exercise will get your blood flowing and muscles pumping better than coffee. Plus, at the end of the day, after a long day of work, it’s easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym.

Hire a personal trainer to motivate yourself to work out

Hire a personal trainer.

There are a number of reasons to work with a personal trainer. The trainer can plan workouts based on your needs and goals, tailor exercises to account for any prior injuries and teach you the correct technique for each move. Scheduling a session with your trainer also creates accountability, in that you will be less likely to skip the workout if you are paying for a session with your trainer.

Work out with a friend.

In much the same way as working out with your trainer can, meeting a friend at the gym creates accountability. If you told your friend you will be there at a certain time, you will likely stick to that plan, even if your motivation wanes. Plus, working out with another person can help you spot each other and work out harder and safer, and it can be more fun.

Understand your why. Remind yourself of it often.

You must understand what your underlying reason is for working out in the first place. For most people, the goal, and the motivation behind it, is not to lose 15 pounds or bench press 200 pounds specifically. Do you want to look better in a bathing suit? Do you want to feel better and not get out of breath walking up the stairs? Do you want to be healthy to play with your kids? Whatever your underlying why is, remind yourself of it often. Post pictures on your office wall or bathroom mirror to remind yourself why you want to work out. Knowing your why will motivate yourself to work out and make it much harder to skip the workout.

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