Figure skating requires a tremendous amount of athleticism. It takes years and years of training to reach a high level in the sport. And like any sport that requires extensive training, injuries can happen. While we cannot prevent every traumatic injury, it’s possible to prevent figure skating injuries, at least many of them.

Warm up properly.

Many muscle strains and other injuries, like ligament tears, can occur with a sudden force before the body is ready for it. Do some light movement that gets your blood flowing and your heart rate up, and then gently stretch prior to hitting the ice.

Perform core strengthening and conditioning outside of practice.

Working on core strength and conditioning might not only help you avoid injuries, but it might help you perform better on the ice.

Work on your technique with a skilled, knowledgeable coach.

Learn proper techniques and movements before you try them on your own. Find a coach who is skilled at teaching you the skills you need.

Prevent figure skating injuries with these important tips.

Make sure your boots fit well and are in good condition.

Boots that are worn out or do not fit well can lead to stress on your feet or ankles that can turn into a more serious injury over time. Inspect them regularly, and replace them when necessary.

Don’t train with pain.

Many serious injuries, like stress fractures, start with soreness that gets worse if you keep training through it. Take a day or two off and see if your pain gets better. If you still hurt, tell your coach and parents. Then see a doctor to find out what the cause is and learn what to do to recover.

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