I am fascinated with performance in all fields, especially physical performance. As I get older, I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I wrote a recent newspaper column about all sorts of recovery trends (or fads) that pro athletes and weekend warriors are trying to help their performance. In this video, I discuss 3 keys changes that will help you perform better as you get older.

Optimize your recovery

Whether or not you try the more radical steps I mentioned in previous articles, like whole body cryotherapy or vibrating spheres for muscle pliability, there are some more basic tools you can use to recover from your workouts and training. Ice, ice baths or cold showers, regular massage, stretching, using a foam roller after the workout are all thought to be beneficial. And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, the best recovery tool.

Take advantage of advances in sports medicine to perform better as you get older.

Train more effectively and efficiently to perform better

Spending hours in the gym as you hit your 40s, 50s and higher can start to take a toll on your bodies. Rather than just mindlessly flailing away with the weights, know exactly what you want to get out of each workout. Work out smarter, not harder. And add other types of exercise and movements to cross train but improve in areas you don’t get from your primary exercise. Maybe add yoga for balance and flexibility. Pilates, CrossFit, and many other programs can make you a more well-rounded athlete.

Take advantage of breakthroughs in sports medicine

You don’t have much ability to develop a new surgery or rehab technique if you don’t work in sports medicine. But you can take advantage of these breakthroughs. See a sports medicine doctor or surgeon for any injuries or nagging pain. Work with a physical therapist to improve problem issues. And consider biologic treatments, like PRP or stem cells, as treatment options for cartilage damage or injured tendons or muscles.

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