It can be challenging to feel great and perform your best when you’re traveling. Long flights, time zone changes and more can sap your energy. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some tips to improve your physical and mental performance while you’re away from home.

Travel tip #1: Drink plenty of water.

All the running around trying to catch your flight, the cramped nature of the flight and spending time in hotel rooms can dehydrate you. That’s not good for sports performance or being at your best in your meeting. You should drink plenty of water normally, but you might drink even more than normal when traveling.

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Better performance when you travel

Travel tip #2: Get better sleep.

Find ways to get 7-8 hours of sleep, even when you’re on a trip. Consider staying on your time zone if it’s a short trip across time zones, such as keeping your watch on eastern time for a short trip to and from the west coast. Also make your hotel room as dark as possible by blocking or covering all the little lights from gadgets in the room. Consider using a white noise generator to block out noise around you.

Travel tip #3: Find ways to exercise.

Hotel fitness rooms are often less than optimal compared to what you have at home. Try to get outside and run or walk. Design an exercise program based on bodyweight movements so you can do it in your room. Find some way to get in a workout each day.

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Travel tip #4: Eat healthy foods.

This is not the time to eat fast food and other junk food. If you have an important game or business meeting, those unhealthy foods can make you feel even worse. Try to find healthy restaurants, and choose the healthiest food options. Pack healthy snacks and eat them when there are no healthy options.